2.12.14: 10K Training and Food

Back in late December, right before Christmas, I hit 6 miles (in a row) on the treadmill and was thrilled to have finished my 10K training early. I was absolutely THRILLED. Over the span of Christmas to New Years, I ate not so well and didn’t work out, so my runs suffered. It took me a week and a half to get back up to 6. Then, 3 days later, I found out a sprained my foot. I was out for 2 weeks. I started running again two weeks ago but haven’t hit 6 miles yet. It’s incredibly frustrating and I have to constantly remind myself that I DO push myself hard, but I also have to be kind and gentle on my body and self to get back to where I was. I’m registered for the Pulaski 10K on March 1st here in Chicago and I just want to be able to run the whole thing. That’s 17 days/8-9 runs to get back up there.

Finally seeing the numbers on the scale and my tape measure reflecting the work I’m doing. I think it helped to switch up my routine. Since I’m doing harder/longer runs, (at least to me lol) my body appreciates the day of yoga and stretching in between. I’ve also really cleaned up my eating. I am NO WAY a saint, but I’m careful to log in MyFitnessPal more accurately and I don’t reach for junk food as much. I’ve also gotten my family on board with letting me cook for them Monday-Thursday. It saves us tons of money and I know every ingredient I put into my meals, which is really helpful. I’m also able to do small swaps to make meals better. I only cook with ground turkey and I jazz up meals with veggies. Today, I woke up feeling bloated. My meals weren’t perfect yesterday (though I wasn’t over my calorie goal) and I definitely didn’t get enough veggies and fruits in. Ditched the scale this morning and drank some green tea instead.

I hustled to the gym at 7:30 tonight. I need to get back to my morning runs. That’s when I had the most energy and seem to finish runs the strongest. Today was a much better day, the best I had in a while, actually. I hit 4.5 miles in 45 minutes, just shy of 15 minutes/1.5 miles of my farthest run so far. I’m very slowly getting back to where I was, which is incredibly encouraging. Tomorrow will consist of yoga at 9am and grocery shopping with my momma.

I’m hoping to get in the habit of taking pictures to jazz up my posts and make them worth reading, more relateable, and real. My goal is to keep the journey to RunDisney/running as the center point of my posts, but without making it overwhelming.

Thanks for joining me!



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