2.14.14, 2.15.14, 2.16.14: Valentine’s Day and Weekend.


My plan was to wake up at 4:30am to go to the gym and run. The gym ended up being closed do to sprinkler issues 8am, and I had to go babysit at 9 for the day, so I decided that since it was a lighter eating day, I’d go Saturday instead.

I took baby to lunch with my momma, then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the little nugget.



Me: pumped. Brooklyn: Not sure.

Me: pumped. Brooklyn: Not sure.

The rest of the day consisted of family time. We went to Texas Roadhouse. I always get a little apprehensive going out and eating at a place I don’t normally, especially places with free peanuts and yeast rolls with cinnamon honey butter shoved in my face but I came out on top. I order the shrimp skewers with a house salad and tons of veggies. I allowed myself one biscuit and felt good about my dinner.

Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse.


Started Saturday with a rough session at the gym. As I’ve said before, I haven’t been able to hit 6 miles since the middle of January. Saturday was just awful. I only ran for a mile and a half before I was absolutely exhausted. I don’t know what’s up with me, but I’ll try again on Monday. Furthest I could run was early last week at 4.5 miles. I want to at least hit that again. Arg.

After the rough gym session, I hit up Portillo’s with the fambam and then baked banana bread (with Nutella! Forgot to take pictures!) I spent the rest of Saturday enjoying good company and watching movies.

Portillo's Apple Walnut Salad. SO GOOD.

Portillo’s Apple Walnut Salad. SO GOOD.


I got to sleep in (finally!) and had a lovely lunch with my family. Oatmeal with berries and granola and egg whites.

Sundays are normally spent watching movies and just chilling with the family. If you haven’t seen the pattern, YES I am 22 years old and have a decent amount of quality friends, but I really enjoy just hanging out with my fambam. Today was no exception.

Dinner was less clean. Left over pizza, noodles, and a couple of pieces of chocolate from Valentine’s Day. I enjoyed everything and didn’t overeat by any means, which is a BIG improvement from before!

Hoping this upcoming week will be better for running. I’d really like to hit 6 miles again before the 10K race so I can start half marathon training in March. The program I found takes you from 10K to a half marathon in 3 months; I’d love to be able to run that during the rest of 2014 just to prepare my body and get it used to that distance. Besides a couple of weekend meals, I’ve stuck to pretty clean eating (things I make at home, ingredients I can pronounce, etc) and trying to eat more fruits and veggies. I don’t feel as sluggish, which is glorious, I just wish the rest of my bod would catch up.


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