2.19.14-2.21.14: Hump Day and Beyond


I wasn’t feeling too hot today, so I lounged around the house. I ate a bit too much today, but definitely didn’t overeat, which I have had trouble with before. I made soup and pretzel rolls for dinner and they were incredibly delicious.

I got my attendance report from GymPact and I earned $1.23 from gym time and $1.20 for food logging for a total of $2.43 last week! So far, I have a total of $7.43. This week, I upped my gym time by a day and my food logging by 2. I can’t wait to see what that gets me. I might add a veggie log as well!



I woke up early and headed straight to the gym. Today I was able to run 15 minutes/walk 1 minute and repeat that 2 more times. Big win for me! I feel so much better now that I just gave in and started the 10K app over. It was a rough run today, so I definitely plan on doing the next two days the same way. Things are looking up!

I meal planned and grocery shopped with my momma, it was a wonderful, easy day.



Today I got up bright and early for my osteopath appointment. Though running has greatly improved my back, having everything adjusted once a week greatly improves my life.download3

I did some work from home today. Work has been slow as of lately, so I’ve been doing a lot of babysitting. Getting to work on some flyers and a few graphics was a nice change of pace.

I ran a few more errands with my mom and then went to dinner with my family. It’s been easier to make better decisions at restaurants, which is something I really struggled with before. We went to Chick-Fil-A and I chose the grilled chicken cook wrap and fruit on the side. SO GOOD.

(Repped the Stones today.)


RunDisney Musings:

My beautiful cousin landed in Florida yesterday for THIS year’s Princess Half Marathon weekend. I am beyond jealous! She has been sending pictures and has promised me a special pin. It makes it so much more real that I will be doing it in a year! Having this goal on the horizon keeps me honest and driven. I WANT to eat better, I WANT to keep working out and running. Not to be skinny, (though waking up without a muffin top would be glorious) but to truly be runner. I want to post a plethora of pictures of myself in my tank tops, race bibs, covered in disgusting, glorious sweat all over my facebook and be proud of it. I want to blog about how awesome my training/race went and I want people to feel inspired. I want to feel the burn in my throat. I want my legs to ache. I want to feel the fresh air in my lungs. I want to triumphantly belt out “Go the Distance” from the Hercules while fist pumping at the end of my run.

Today was the RunDisney Royal Family 5K. Disney released this video which gets me even more excited. Just keep swimming.


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