2.22.14 & 2.23.14: Weekends for life.

Like most people, I adore weekends. Not to stay up and party, but I love waking up early on a Saturday and getting my work out done. Saturdays at the gym are quiet and glorious. I wish every single day could be Saturday for that reason.


If if wasn’t obvious from my love above, I started my Saturday with a Quest bar and a run. My work out was the same as Thursday: 15 minute run/1 minute walk, repeat two more times for a total of 45 minutes/4.5 mile run. During this run, I watched a tattered USA hockey team unsuccessfully battle Finland for Bronze. I honestly didn’t care who won, I just wish I could have seen a better game versus a clown show from the US.



After my run, I enjoyed Portillo’s again with the family. Portillo’s is our favorite Saturday lunch spot. I opted for the Apple Walnut Salad again. Dressing on the side and parmesan instead of goat cheese.


We took a field trip to Total Hockey so my dad could pick up a few more things, then we headed back home. With no errands to run today, it was a lazy afternoon until I had to go babysit.

The people I babysit for on a regular basis are incredible. They have two of the cutest kids who are just awesome. My evening was filled with giggles, hide-and-seek, and Cheerios. Seriously, that’s what I eat when I go over there.


After the kiddos were snuggled down, I made myself a cup of green tea and sank into the couch for the night. I was over there pretty late and found myself nodding off at 9:30, but that just means I’m back on my early morning schedule, which is awesome. Mom and dad had a great time, which I always love to see, and I headed home at 2 in the morning to get some shut eye.

(Yogi tea is amazing and has the advice.)



Sundays would normally be my yoga day but I was beat from the night before. I slept in, enjoyed a quick breakfast of cookie dough overnight oats, then met my family at a local breakfast joint for lunch. This place is great. If you’re in the Aurora, IL area, I highly recommend the “Double Yolk.” Great breakfast and lunch food that isn’t greasy. Last week, I chose oatmeal with fruit and egg whites, a safe choice. Today…I couldn’t resist the Belgian waffle! I had it topped with fruit and sugar free syrup and had some egg whites on the side. I haven’t had a waffle in forever, so I was pretty pumped.


Today was also awesome because I met up with a friend in Naperville to meet Chicago Blackhawks player Kris Versteeg! I had blown off meeting him in the past, so I snagged the opportunity to get my first One Goal book signed. Nice guy, as expected.


RunDisney Musings:

Yesterday was the Enchanted 10K and today was the Princess Half! I got a text update from my cousin and she said it was the most fun thing she has ever done. Can 2015 get here already so I can do it?! Rumor has it that the race will be on sale JULY 15TH. I highly recommend going to the RunDisney facebook page and checking out all the videos and pictures. I’m drooling over them!


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