The Middle of March: Vacation Survival and Injury Report

I apologize for the lack of posts! I’ve been in Minnesota visiting family for the good part of the month. I love vacation but get a little angsty about them at the same time. Going to unfamiliar restaurants while trying to change your eating habits can be intimadating, but it can be done! It’s getting a lot easier!

Here’s a little bit of what I ended up eating on vacation.

The hotel had free breakfast with hard boiled eggs, oranges, and bananas. I stocked up on bananas for pre-workout and I got up every other day at 5am to take advantage of the fitness center for an hour, then ate a post workout banana and egg. The days I didn’t exercise, I had an orange because I slept in late. On one of the days, I managed to pick up a sample of the Cookies and Cream Quest Bar for a pre-workout snack. SO GOOD.

If your hotel has a breakfast bar, opt to fill up on fruit if available. You can’t go wrong. Eggs, a couple slices of toast, and oatmeal are all really awesome choices.


Many of my lunches were salads I modified. (Asking for dressing on the side, etc.) They’re huge, filling, and I always feel good after eating them.

I found this yummy salad while at the Mall of America. Greens, cranberries, chicken, goat cheese, and pecans.

Cold Stone was one of our stops at the mall. As tempted as I was to get a huge Birthday Cake Remix, (and I would have been fine to, remember, MODERATION!) I saw they offered sorbet! I ended up with a delicious watermelon treat with fresh raspberries and strawberries mixed in!


Anytime I can substitute a side of fries for fruit or veggies, I do. Sometimes I get both! I wasn’t the best at remembering to take pictures, but we ended up at Applebee’s on of the nights. Their 600 calorie and under menu makes it a little easier. I opted for the salmon and veggies. Fuddruckers made a mean grilled chicken sandwich which I paired with a side salad. I had dinner with my grandparents at a nice restaurant which offered seafood choices! I had a lobster tail, (no butter!) a side salad, and a side of green beans. The picture below is a ham, turkey, tomato, and lettuce wrap that was offered at our hotel restaurant.

Remember to BE a “pain.” Ask for substitutions, no dressing or condiments, etc. You can enjoy vacation while staying on track. I went so far as keep my Pact apps pacts as is with food logging and veggies to help me make better choices. The only thing I changed was my GymPact, because the app can’t verify most hotel gyms.

I still made $2.75 for the week!


But sometimes.

You have to splurge. Remember how I opted out of Cold Stone?

I was saving myself for Mac’s.

Mac’s is a macaroni and cheese shop in downtown Wisconsin Dells. If you know anything about the Dells, you know the food is disgusting for the most part. But not Mac’s. I had been there once last October and was itching to go back to get my fill. Thankfully, we stopped on the way back home.

Behold, my friends.

Loaded Baked Potato Mac. The best mac and cheese in the world topped with bacon, sour cream, chives, and baked potato. Seriously. Runner. Carbs. Moderation.


The other part of my post is “Injury Report.” Remember how at the end of 2013, I hit 6 miles of solid running then sprained my foot in the middle of January? Well, I hit 6 miles around the beginning of March and guess what? I sprained my ankle the morning of vacation.

I have been so determined not to go back to starting my 10K app all over like last time, though I am more willing to. Instead of sitting around, I’ve been doing the elliptical. Which I HATE. At first, I set to no resistance and aimed for the number of strides similar to my running, but I felt like I was doing nothing. So I went for the interval training program offered on the hotel elliptical and went on for an hour. I burned about 100 calories less than I normally do running and I was a mile short, but MAN. I was sweating, my heart was going, and my muscles were WORKING. My ankles feels good now, but I have to be careful. I’m doing the elliptical for the rest of the week, then starting the running again on Monday.

Here’s to hoping I’ll be back to 6 miles within a few weeks! I want to start half marathon training.