The Month of April: It’s been such a long time….

I’ve stolen title from one of my all time favorite Boston songs “Foreplay/Long Time” because I haven’t blogged in far too long. When this tune makes it way onto my shuffle during a run, a spring in my step is born again an nearly a mile is demolished by the end of the song. It’s got a good, simple message and it’s really just a fun song. I love Boston.


The last few weeks and currently:

The month of able has been a minimal struggle bus for me. My runs have been better but my weekend eating habits have been…less than desirable, but I’m getting there.

I’ve started working at my old job again, plus nannying, my job with one of the best friends, and extra babysitting jobs. This motivated me to re-work my current workout/running schedule since my runs have been longer. (Now I need shorter runs during the week/long runs on weekends.) I wasn’t being active enough on my non-running days and I’ve been completely neglecting my upper body, so I’ve started a schedule that will look like this when I get into the swing of it:


Sunday: Walk, yoga for runners, plank (video)

Monday: Short run (5k-5miles) push-up/sit-up app

Tuesday: Yoga for runners, plank, walk

Wednesday: Short run, push-up/sit up app

Thursday: Yoga for runners, plank, walk

Friday: Walk to/from work (about a 1.5 miles), push-up/up app

Saturday: Long run


One of my best friends and I also did the To Write Love On Her Arms “Run For It” Virtual 5K on the 19th. It was my first time running with her and it was a total blast.



Progress and dreams:

Remember how I sprained my ankle at the end of last month? That seems to be so far away considering my longest run EVER happened yesterday:


My first 3.1 miles also happened in under 30 minutes, which was a new PR for me. After last run, I’ve decided this week to sign up for a half marathon near my town in August, which means I have 4 months to add 4 miles. I’m incredibly nervous, but I really wanted to do a half before RunDisney, so I know what it would be like. $65 gets me a race entry, t-shirt, medal, beer, and pizza. I can’t complain. I would love to hang another bib and medal to my holder and parade around in another race tee. =)

Saving for RunDisney:

I have 4 RunDisney saving methods as of right now: a “section” in my bank account, (I take a little bit of money out of my paycheck every week and put it in my balance book toward Disney) PactApp, Disney Visa rewards, and the singles/change shark piggy bank.

My actual bank savings method is similar to this:


You deposit $2 extra every week. It will be a little off by the time Disney comes because I will have already paid for hotel, race registration, Disney tickets, Cinderella dinner, etc. But that’s also kind of nice, because then I pay a little bit at a time.

My PactApp (an app that pays you to food log/eat fruits and veggies/work out) has made me over $40 so far, which will go toward registration. I’m committed to 5 days of working out, 7 days of food logging, and 20 fruits/veggies for the week. I estimate I will have close to $60 by the time race registration goes life, which will be a nice chunk off my bill. Then, Pact money will start all over and that will go toward more Disney things.

All purchases I make go on my Disney Rewards Visa, which gives me 1% in Disney Dollars back on every purchase. This will likely go toward my food and park admission. I have a nice amount saved up so far on there as well, so it’s definitely exciting.

And finally, my singles/change bank. I don’t use a lot of cash, but I do get cash babysitting. Normally, I throw that in my bank account with everything else to pay bills or for “misc” money if those are all taken care of. Sometimes, a family will owe me $22 or $38 or something where they have to give me single dollar bills. Those go right into the shark piggy bank (I love sharks, okay.) and that will end up as “surprise” money for extra spending if needed/wanted for Disney. =)

Oh and on that Disney note, my submission for Pact’s #VegoftheWeek:

Do you wanna build a snowman? 😉



2/13/14: Yoga Flow

Today, I woke up at 6:30am to watch USA dish out a spanking to Slovakia and to drink a smoothie before heading to yoga at 9am. I need to get better at incorporating greens in my smoothies, but the combination I make is just so good, (that, and today is grocery day so there are almost no veggies in the house) I can’t bear to throw spinach in at the moment. I throw in apples, pineapple, strawberries, and raspberries, along with either vitamin water zero, water, or green tea. SO GOOD.

photo 1

photo 2

Yoga this morning was a vinyasa flow class and it KICKED my butt. I was sweating so bad, but I look forward to going every other day. I am so far enjoying it more than the traditional strength training I was doing. I feel like it goes better with my running with not only the strength aspect, but the balance, breathing, stretching, and mind. Whenever I sling my yoga mat over my shoulder after class, come home and make green tea, I feel I like I go from hipster to hippie in .00233422 seconds. =)

photo 3

After yoga, my mom and I went to lunch and ran errands. I’ve taken over making dinners for my family, so we did the grocery shopping for next week. We’ve changed up our shopping and meals to save money and to eat better, so our shopping trips are smaller. I adore it. I’m trying to fully get rid of boxed meals, but we still have some in our cabinets, so I’ve been incorporating and trying to improve them one dinner a week, just so we can use them all up. Today, we had a vegetable soup mix that I threw in the crockpot and some cornbread. It was tasty and light.

photo 4

My GymPact will be complete tomorrow. I committed to 3 days of gym and 5 days of food logging. Next week I’ve already committed to 4 days of gym and 7 days of food. I’ve also looked at my Disney visa and have earned $90 in Disney Dollars! So excited. I need to start doing more surveys through opinion outpost to earn some more Disney cash. I’ve earned 15 bucks from there as well. It’d be nice to not fork over any of my own money for Disney. I love my jobs and I meet all my obligations and bills, but I never seem to have any extra to save, so these are nice little things to put away extra money. =)