The Month of April: It’s been such a long time….

I’ve stolen title from one of my all time favorite Boston songs “Foreplay/Long Time” because I haven’t blogged in far too long. When this tune makes it way onto my shuffle during a run, a spring in my step is born again an nearly a mile is demolished by the end of the song. It’s got a good, simple message and it’s really just a fun song. I love Boston.


The last few weeks and currently:

The month of able has been a minimal struggle bus for me. My runs have been better but my weekend eating habits have been…less than desirable, but I’m getting there.

I’ve started working at my old job again, plus nannying, my job with one of the best friends, and extra babysitting jobs. This motivated me to re-work my current workout/running schedule since my runs have been longer. (Now I need shorter runs during the week/long runs on weekends.) I wasn’t being active enough on my non-running days and I’ve been completely neglecting my upper body, so I’ve started a schedule that will look like this when I get into the swing of it:


Sunday: Walk, yoga for runners, plank (video)

Monday: Short run (5k-5miles) push-up/sit-up app

Tuesday: Yoga for runners, plank, walk

Wednesday: Short run, push-up/sit up app

Thursday: Yoga for runners, plank, walk

Friday: Walk to/from work (about a 1.5 miles), push-up/up app

Saturday: Long run


One of my best friends and I also did the To Write Love On Her Arms “Run For It” Virtual 5K on the 19th. It was my first time running with her and it was a total blast.



Progress and dreams:

Remember how I sprained my ankle at the end of last month? That seems to be so far away considering my longest run EVER happened yesterday:


My first 3.1 miles also happened in under 30 minutes, which was a new PR for me. After last run, I’ve decided this week to sign up for a half marathon near my town in August, which means I have 4 months to add 4 miles. I’m incredibly nervous, but I really wanted to do a half before RunDisney, so I know what it would be like. $65 gets me a race entry, t-shirt, medal, beer, and pizza. I can’t complain. I would love to hang another bib and medal to my holder and parade around in another race tee. =)

Saving for RunDisney:

I have 4 RunDisney saving methods as of right now: a “section” in my bank account, (I take a little bit of money out of my paycheck every week and put it in my balance book toward Disney) PactApp, Disney Visa rewards, and the singles/change shark piggy bank.

My actual bank savings method is similar to this:


You deposit $2 extra every week. It will be a little off by the time Disney comes because I will have already paid for hotel, race registration, Disney tickets, Cinderella dinner, etc. But that’s also kind of nice, because then I pay a little bit at a time.

My PactApp (an app that pays you to food log/eat fruits and veggies/work out) has made me over $40 so far, which will go toward registration. I’m committed to 5 days of working out, 7 days of food logging, and 20 fruits/veggies for the week. I estimate I will have close to $60 by the time race registration goes life, which will be a nice chunk off my bill. Then, Pact money will start all over and that will go toward more Disney things.

All purchases I make go on my Disney Rewards Visa, which gives me 1% in Disney Dollars back on every purchase. This will likely go toward my food and park admission. I have a nice amount saved up so far on there as well, so it’s definitely exciting.

And finally, my singles/change bank. I don’t use a lot of cash, but I do get cash babysitting. Normally, I throw that in my bank account with everything else to pay bills or for “misc” money if those are all taken care of. Sometimes, a family will owe me $22 or $38 or something where they have to give me single dollar bills. Those go right into the shark piggy bank (I love sharks, okay.) and that will end up as “surprise” money for extra spending if needed/wanted for Disney. =)

Oh and on that Disney note, my submission for Pact’s #VegoftheWeek:

Do you wanna build a snowman? 😉



3.3.14-3.10.14: Monday to Monday and Fighting Fat Tuesday


I can’t seem to get out of bed on Mondays. I set my alarm for 6 and 7 this morning, laughed, and fell back asleep as soon as they went off. Around 9am, I realized I had to get up to throw in my pork loin into the slow cooker to make’s skinny pulled pork. (This is the second time I’ve made it. It’s INCREDIBLE.) I did my kitchen thing and settled onto the couch for with a Quest bar, Activia, and Harney & Sons Tropical Green tea. (If you’re a tea lover, you seriously need to check out Harney. They MADE me a tea lover!)

I broke the number one fitness rule and weighed myself after I ate but to my surprise, I’ve lost about 3 pounds in this past month, only with 3/4 of an inch around my stomach, so I can’t complain! More importantly, my eating has improved quite a bit and I feel a lot better during my runs!


On that note, I went to my favorite bagel place for lunch, but since I opted for a banana as a side, I was able to add another fruit to my newly made Veggie Pact for the week. I’ve only committed to 5 veggies out of a possibly 35 (or 5 veggies a day per week) so I can get used to the idea of eating more fruits and veggies and taking a picture of it.



Fat Tuesday? Not for this girl! I started the morning with a green smoothie. This day was kind of a snooze fest, but I did enjoy a nice session of yoga in the evening!



Today, I met one of my best friends for a lunch date at a pancake house in Plainfield. I couldn’t resist a fresh fruit topped waffle and egg whites! (Normally what I get at the Double Yolk too! What can I say, I’m a creature of habit!) We chatted for hours over good food and tea. She lives about an hour away from me, so it’s always a treat to see her!

After lunch, I picked up some more “Nothing Bundt Cakes” at the request of my momma since it was on the way home! Luckily, today was running day, so I treat myself and enjoyed every single bite! =)


Dinner was turkey tacos, so not the healthiest, but definitely lightened up! We use low carb taco shells, low sodium taco seasoning, and pile on the lettuce. It’s crazy how simple changes can effect your food and body! I eat a lot of ground turkey versus ground beef now and my tummy is definitely a lot happier.

My GymPact email came in for last week! I earned a little over $3! I’ve made just over $13 so far! I love this so much!



The rest of the week was somewhat unexciting, but I have to touch on the weekend. I get up early on Saturdays to get the gym session outta the way so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my family. The gym sessions have been killer this week because my feet are having a hard time healing from my new shoes, so I have to wrap and bandage them hardcore. My feet are mummies.


I also reclaimed my throne as mayor at my gym on foursquare. I was mayor for over a year and someone stole it (rude!) while I was out with my sprained foot.


I enjoyed Red Robin Saturday night with the family, (Opted for a plain turkey burger on multigrain bread with a side of broccoli and fruit!) then brunch on Sunday. The weather was FINALLY beautiful here in the burbs of Chicago, so I walked to the library and spent a couple of hours there. My dad and I spent Sunday night watching hockey and eating my cheat meal for the week, Papa Johns!


I DID IT. I set my alarm for 4am this morning to get to the gym before a busy day filled with babysitting, work, and epic car cleaning. I got outta bed, ate my Quest bar, and headed out.

Today’s run was supposed to run 30 minutes/walk 1 minute/run 30 minutes. I was feeling really good at the 29 minutes mark so I decided to run on and told myself if I felt like I needed to stop, then I could, so I kept going. The time suddenly became 20 minutes left, then 12, then 4 minutes?!?! I was going for the gold.

Finally, after a month in a half, I HIT 6 MILES AGAIN TODAY. I’m so excited I could scream. 6 miles before 6am?! DONE AND DONE. Beast mode. My plan is to run that a few more time until I’m really comfortable, probably for the rest of the month, then I start…HALF MARATHON TRAINING. I’m too excited.

I refueled after the run and finished my gigs for the day. My run is done, my work is done, my car is clean, and the “lightened up” tater tot casserole (ground turkey, low sodium cream of mushroom soup, fat free sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese, and tater tots!) is in the oven. Fantastic Monday!


RunDisney Musings:

Though I adore my job(s) and I’m putting away a little each week from GymPact, I need more cash for Disney, especially if my cousin and I decide to do coast to coast. I’m thinking about going back to my old place of employment if they’ll have me! I definitely need the cash. I plan on following the “Save Money for a Disney Vacation” pin you always see on Pinterest, but since I’m only saving for myself, I will do it by $2 increments. I can’t wait to see what they say. I miss working with kids and I miss the family-like environment there.

I also decided I want to complete a half marathon before Disney so I know what it’s like! From reading everything, there are A LOT of stops at the Disney Half, so it’s gonna be way different, but it’s still 13.1 glorious miles that I need to cover. I wanted to do a local one in November, but that sold out FAST, so I have to keep my eyes peeled for another!

2.24.14-2.26.14: Is is Spring yet?


This day was so boring it’s not even worth trying to make exciting. Onward.

Tuesday/RunDisney Musings:

It was running day so I started the morning with a Quest bar that had the biggest chocolate pieces I have EVER seen. It was incredible.


I felt good today, so I skipped ahead in my 5K to 10K app. Today, I ran for 17 minutes/walked for 1 minute and repeated two more times for a total of 51 minutes and approximately 5.1 miles. 6 minutes/.6 miles more than I had been doing the last two runs. I felt pretty good about it, but I did take an additional minute to walk in between. Overall, I just feel good about making progress again, rather than feeling discouraged and stuck.


I’m really excited about registering for the Spring Gallop 5K in Aurora. Though it’s “only” a 5K, I’m so excited to get back outside for a race and to hang the next race bib on my holder. I keep checking CARA’s website for a good 10K race in the future and I’m leaning toward Plainfield’s Fast Cat. I definitely want to run one before the summer hits. I don’t run too well outside in extreme heat. Kind of funny seeing as I dream of running a race on Florida humidity.


Speaking of dream races, if you haven’t heard yet, RunDisney has announced a NEW race: an AVENGERS themed half marathon and 5K taking place at Disneyland in California! My cousin and I have talked and we want to possibly go for a coast to coast medal next year. (Where you run at least a half marathon distance at Disney World and Disneyland in the same year.) Since Princess falls in February and the Avengers race will take place in the fall, I’m hoping it will be slightly easier to save for both since there is a nice cushion of recovery time for the moolah.

After the run and a good dinner, I finished up the night with a babysitting gig.


Today I got to sleep in just a tad. I woke up and was desperately craving chocolate. I whipped up my chunky monkey smoothie and chilled out before heading out to go babysit for a couple of hours.


My little nugget was so exhausted today. We play trains, watched Scooby-Doo, and he passed out within 5 minutes of laying down for his nap.

With babysitting complete, I set out to make dinner for my family, taco pasta casserole. It’s one of our favorites. I demolished my food and headed out to yoga.


This class was called “Yoga for Athletes,” which had a lot of stretching on my legs which is AWESOME in conjunction with my running.

(Derp face and creepin with my sister.)


It’s 8:15pm here and I am exhausted. I’ll probably head to bed in a few. Running in the morning then  my favorite activity: grocery shopping for next week! =)

2.22.14 & 2.23.14: Weekends for life.

Like most people, I adore weekends. Not to stay up and party, but I love waking up early on a Saturday and getting my work out done. Saturdays at the gym are quiet and glorious. I wish every single day could be Saturday for that reason.


If if wasn’t obvious from my love above, I started my Saturday with a Quest bar and a run. My work out was the same as Thursday: 15 minute run/1 minute walk, repeat two more times for a total of 45 minutes/4.5 mile run. During this run, I watched a tattered USA hockey team unsuccessfully battle Finland for Bronze. I honestly didn’t care who won, I just wish I could have seen a better game versus a clown show from the US.



After my run, I enjoyed Portillo’s again with the family. Portillo’s is our favorite Saturday lunch spot. I opted for the Apple Walnut Salad again. Dressing on the side and parmesan instead of goat cheese.


We took a field trip to Total Hockey so my dad could pick up a few more things, then we headed back home. With no errands to run today, it was a lazy afternoon until I had to go babysit.

The people I babysit for on a regular basis are incredible. They have two of the cutest kids who are just awesome. My evening was filled with giggles, hide-and-seek, and Cheerios. Seriously, that’s what I eat when I go over there.


After the kiddos were snuggled down, I made myself a cup of green tea and sank into the couch for the night. I was over there pretty late and found myself nodding off at 9:30, but that just means I’m back on my early morning schedule, which is awesome. Mom and dad had a great time, which I always love to see, and I headed home at 2 in the morning to get some shut eye.

(Yogi tea is amazing and has the advice.)



Sundays would normally be my yoga day but I was beat from the night before. I slept in, enjoyed a quick breakfast of cookie dough overnight oats, then met my family at a local breakfast joint for lunch. This place is great. If you’re in the Aurora, IL area, I highly recommend the “Double Yolk.” Great breakfast and lunch food that isn’t greasy. Last week, I chose oatmeal with fruit and egg whites, a safe choice. Today…I couldn’t resist the Belgian waffle! I had it topped with fruit and sugar free syrup and had some egg whites on the side. I haven’t had a waffle in forever, so I was pretty pumped.


Today was also awesome because I met up with a friend in Naperville to meet Chicago Blackhawks player Kris Versteeg! I had blown off meeting him in the past, so I snagged the opportunity to get my first One Goal book signed. Nice guy, as expected.


RunDisney Musings:

Yesterday was the Enchanted 10K and today was the Princess Half! I got a text update from my cousin and she said it was the most fun thing she has ever done. Can 2015 get here already so I can do it?! Rumor has it that the race will be on sale JULY 15TH. I highly recommend going to the RunDisney facebook page and checking out all the videos and pictures. I’m drooling over them!

2.19.14-2.21.14: Hump Day and Beyond


I wasn’t feeling too hot today, so I lounged around the house. I ate a bit too much today, but definitely didn’t overeat, which I have had trouble with before. I made soup and pretzel rolls for dinner and they were incredibly delicious.

I got my attendance report from GymPact and I earned $1.23 from gym time and $1.20 for food logging for a total of $2.43 last week! So far, I have a total of $7.43. This week, I upped my gym time by a day and my food logging by 2. I can’t wait to see what that gets me. I might add a veggie log as well!



I woke up early and headed straight to the gym. Today I was able to run 15 minutes/walk 1 minute and repeat that 2 more times. Big win for me! I feel so much better now that I just gave in and started the 10K app over. It was a rough run today, so I definitely plan on doing the next two days the same way. Things are looking up!

I meal planned and grocery shopped with my momma, it was a wonderful, easy day.



Today I got up bright and early for my osteopath appointment. Though running has greatly improved my back, having everything adjusted once a week greatly improves my life.download3

I did some work from home today. Work has been slow as of lately, so I’ve been doing a lot of babysitting. Getting to work on some flyers and a few graphics was a nice change of pace.

I ran a few more errands with my mom and then went to dinner with my family. It’s been easier to make better decisions at restaurants, which is something I really struggled with before. We went to Chick-Fil-A and I chose the grilled chicken cook wrap and fruit on the side. SO GOOD.

(Repped the Stones today.)


RunDisney Musings:

My beautiful cousin landed in Florida yesterday for THIS year’s Princess Half Marathon weekend. I am beyond jealous! She has been sending pictures and has promised me a special pin. It makes it so much more real that I will be doing it in a year! Having this goal on the horizon keeps me honest and driven. I WANT to eat better, I WANT to keep working out and running. Not to be skinny, (though waking up without a muffin top would be glorious) but to truly be runner. I want to post a plethora of pictures of myself in my tank tops, race bibs, covered in disgusting, glorious sweat all over my facebook and be proud of it. I want to blog about how awesome my training/race went and I want people to feel inspired. I want to feel the burn in my throat. I want my legs to ache. I want to feel the fresh air in my lungs. I want to triumphantly belt out “Go the Distance” from the Hercules while fist pumping at the end of my run.

Today was the RunDisney Royal Family 5K. Disney released this video which gets me even more excited. Just keep swimming.

2.17.14-2.18.14: Case of the Mondays and Dad’s Birthday


On Mondays, my mom is usually off of work. We hit the gym, do some housework, errands, then usually have lunch at one of my favorite places. This Monday was no different. 

I hit the gym at 8am and could only do 15 minutes/1.5 miles again, which yet again, frustrated me. I shook off my anger and decided right then to stop fooling around and just start my 5K to 10K app over the next day, since I really didn’t get a workout in.

Around noon, we headed to Jake’s Bagels in downtown Aurora and I got my favorite: a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. I eat *pretty* clean for the most part (I’d say 70/30, but I stay within my calories at more of a 90/10 ratio) but I look forward to Jake’s with my mom on Mondays. After lunch, mom surprised me by picking me up 2 boxes of Quest Bars! They are amazing, but $25 for a box of 12 is hefty. She apparently has appreciated all the cooking I do, but I just like to do my share to help my fambam out. Really.


I made healthier Chicken Enchiladas for dinner and it was a hit. I hit the sack around 8pm because Tuesday was going to be busy.



My old man and best friend turned 55 today! He had to spend the day at work, but that’s okay, because we still had a great day. I went over to babysit two of my favorite McNuggets at 8am today. They are so much fun, but the kiddos have a case of cabin fever. I cannot wait to take them outside to run around or go to the park instead of sitting inside watching Scooby Doo and making loom bracelets. (Even though that is pretty fun!) I was so hungry today even though I didn’t go to the gym until later. When I woke up (around 7am) I ate a slice of banana bread, at 9:30am, I had an apple, 10:45am, a bowl of cheerios with milk, then 15 minutes later, I had my Quest bar. I don’t know how I survived today.


I got done babysitting a little early, so I headed out to Nothing Bundt Cakes to grab dad’s birthday cake: a double chocolate chip cake. If you haven’t had Nothing Bundt Cakes before, you need to find your nearest one and GO. They’re perfect. The cake is moist and light. The cream cheese icing is sweet and the perfect consistency, but I digress, this is supposed to be a somewhat healthy blog…(I’m a firm believer that you should enjoy life and foods you love in moderation. =)


After picking up the cake, I headed to the gym for an early afternoon session. I DID start that app over and hit all the goals I was supposed to (running for 10 minutes, walk for 1 minute, repeat 3 more times) and instead of feeling discouraged like I have been, I actually felt good and look forward to doing it again on Thursday. I even got to watch a little Olympic hockey.


Dinner and spoils were shared at Olive Garden. Normally I have 2 helpings of their “salad” and at least 4 breadsticks, along with the spaghetti dinner I normally choose. Today was a big win for me. I had one helping of salad, one breadstick, and ordered a pasta from their “under 575 calories” menu. It was all delicious and I felt full without feeling overloaded. It’s probably the first time that has happened at Olive Garden for me.

After dinner, dad opened his gifts and we enjoyed cake. My dad just started playing hockey again (he played from when he was 11 years old until about 45 because of work and us kiddos) so we got a custom jersey made for him as well as a new goalie mask. He was blown away. It’s awesome to get him stuff he wants because he never tells us and always ends up with clothes. I’m glad this year could be different.


I also decided today I will NOT be running the Pulaski 10K in Chicago. I don’t want to be in the race if I’m not going to be actually running it. That sounds stupid to some, but it’s important to me. INSTEAD, I will be running the Fox Valley Park District’s Spring Gallop 5K at the end of March. By then, I should actually be close to hitting 10K again, then I will find another one I can do. After I hit 10K, I will then begin my half marathon training, which SHOULD take me about 3 months to complete. (Possibly by June.) I would actually like to do a local half before the Disney Princess Half, so I know what to expect and so I can be in a “better” corral. I know there is a lot of stop and go for Disney, but I’d like to still finish in a decent amount of time and not get stuck behind 3480293482309482 other people who are constantly stopping.

2/13/14: Yoga Flow

Today, I woke up at 6:30am to watch USA dish out a spanking to Slovakia and to drink a smoothie before heading to yoga at 9am. I need to get better at incorporating greens in my smoothies, but the combination I make is just so good, (that, and today is grocery day so there are almost no veggies in the house) I can’t bear to throw spinach in at the moment. I throw in apples, pineapple, strawberries, and raspberries, along with either vitamin water zero, water, or green tea. SO GOOD.

photo 1

photo 2

Yoga this morning was a vinyasa flow class and it KICKED my butt. I was sweating so bad, but I look forward to going every other day. I am so far enjoying it more than the traditional strength training I was doing. I feel like it goes better with my running with not only the strength aspect, but the balance, breathing, stretching, and mind. Whenever I sling my yoga mat over my shoulder after class, come home and make green tea, I feel I like I go from hipster to hippie in .00233422 seconds. =)

photo 3

After yoga, my mom and I went to lunch and ran errands. I’ve taken over making dinners for my family, so we did the grocery shopping for next week. We’ve changed up our shopping and meals to save money and to eat better, so our shopping trips are smaller. I adore it. I’m trying to fully get rid of boxed meals, but we still have some in our cabinets, so I’ve been incorporating and trying to improve them one dinner a week, just so we can use them all up. Today, we had a vegetable soup mix that I threw in the crockpot and some cornbread. It was tasty and light.

photo 4

My GymPact will be complete tomorrow. I committed to 3 days of gym and 5 days of food logging. Next week I’ve already committed to 4 days of gym and 7 days of food. I’ve also looked at my Disney visa and have earned $90 in Disney Dollars! So excited. I need to start doing more surveys through opinion outpost to earn some more Disney cash. I’ve earned 15 bucks from there as well. It’d be nice to not fork over any of my own money for Disney. I love my jobs and I meet all my obligations and bills, but I never seem to have any extra to save, so these are nice little things to put away extra money. =)